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10%discount for sails ordered before August 15th!

Over this past decade Z Sails has spent countless hours on observing, designing, developing and testing Opti sails. We have used feedback from sailors and coaches input to create the fastest possible Opti sails in the World. In the result for Z Sails’

Gen 16 offers four different Opti sails design to match sailor size and skill level:

Opti Green - Best for light sailors up to 75 lbs ( 34 kg )                        $ 550

It is our flattest design with least luff round to accommodate a light crew. This is designed to be a very forgiving sail that is easy to use by beginner sailors.

Opti White - Suitable for sailors between 75 lbs and 87 lbs ( 34 -40 kg )                   $ 550

A slightly more powerful sail than Opti Green. The combination of depth and twist makes for very fast and forgiving sail shape.

Opti Blue - Suitable for sailors between 87 lbs  and 99 lbs ( 40  - 45 kg )                   $ 550

Blue is slightly fuller sail than Opti White to produce enough power in any conditions. This is our most versatile design with enough power in light air and easy de-powering in heavy.

Opti Red - For sailors above 99 lbs ( 45 kg )                            $ 550

Red is our most powerful design. The all-purpose shape  allows the sailor to concentrate on the race course and not the speed, giving them the advantage in all conditions.

Z Sails Optimist sails are made out of the highest quality Dacron. They have proven to be strong and durable with excellent shape-holding ability. All sails are complete with:

  • battens
  • vision window
  • luff and leech tell-tales
  • sail number
  • IODA royalty button
  • sail ties
  • tube bag

For more information or to order J/24 sails please contact:

- or call Z Sails at 1-800-221-1884 (toll free), 1-203-353-8818 (local)