J/22 Class

J/22 Sails  


CLASS MAIN 230 HTP X-Cut Dacron               $ 1,625.00

Our Main is design for around 1” of mast prebend. The leech is shortened to move the girth measurement higher in the sail enabling us to make the roachiest Main in the business. The extra roach area increases the weather helm  and help pointing. To compliment the design we use Dimension 230 HTP plus Dacron made in Germany for the best possible shape holding and longevity.

Mainsail includes: vision window, RBS tapered battens, Spectra leech line, class insignia, racing numbers, draft stripes, tell tales and a tube sail bag. Reef is optional for $150.

CLASS JIB 230 HTP X-Cut  Dacron       $ 1,190.00

This sail is optimized for all wind ranges. We designed a full and round entry for easier steering and very straight leech to diminish backwind. We make our Jibs out of Dimensin 230B Dacron with 8 (!) broadseams for a more even distribution of shape.

Jib includes: vision window, 3 RBS tapered battens, Spectra leech and foot lines, draft stripes, tell tales and a tube sail bag.

155% PHRF GENOA Tri-Radial Technora                $ 1815.00

This sail is a true Tri-Radial construction made out of  Technora laminate for PHRF racing.

We design our Genoas with a rounder entry to make it easier to steer. The leech of the sail is straighten to create a flat exit and reduce backwinding. Our unique design program allows us to shape every panel vertically and horizontally making it a true three dimensionaly molded shape. Increasing the number of panels throughout the sail creates a very smooth shape and helps longevity of the sail. Our material choice is Dimension Aramid line of fabric which over the years has proven itself to be an excellent choice.

Genoa includes:  vision windows, Spectra leech and foot lines, spreader patch, racing 

numbers, draft stripes, tell tales and a tube sail bag.

CLASS SPINNAKER      650 AIRX       $  1,695.00

In designing the Spinnaker our goal was to make the easiest flying chute possible with the biggest projected area. A round entry along the entire luff achieves this goal. You will be able to move the spinnaker pole farther back and thereby expose more sail area to the wind. We use tri-Radial construction for better strength and greatest durability. And the colors are really free - it is your choice.

Spinnaker includes: racing numbers and a sail bag.

Class Royalty $ 30 per sail, shipping and taxes are not included in the above prices.   

For more information or to order J/24 sails please contact:

- or call Z Sails at 1-800-221-1884 (toll free), 1-203-353-8818 (local)

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