J/105 Class

J/105 Sails   

P=41.50    E=14.60    I=40.60    J=13.50    ISP=40.60    JSP=19.00

BROADHEAD MAIN 300 HTP X-Cut Dacron       $ 3,790.00

This sail is all-purpose design to perform in the wide range of wind conditions.

Constructed from Dimension/Polyant 7 oz high tenacity tightly woven Dacron 

for excellent durability and performance.  

HEAVY  BROADHEAD MAIN 350 HTP X-Cut Dacron       $ 3,790.00

For windier areas we use a step heavier 

8 oz Dacron with a straighter leech design to slow down the aging.

Mainsails Include: 1 reef, 1full+3long tapered RBS battens, spectra leech and 

foot lines, class insignia, racing numbers, draft stripes, tell tales and a tube sail bag.


102% AP #1 Jib Membrane Technora                      $ 3,675.00

This sail is all-purpose design to perform in wide range of conditions. The design 

features a straight leech supported with 3 vertical RBS battens and extra food round

for maximizing the sail area. 

102% BLADE #3 Jib Membrane Technora              $ 3,690.00

This sail is optimized for heavy air conditions. We designed a flatter shape

with draft more forward for an easier groove to steer in wavy conditions.

Jibs Include: 3 long vertical tapered RBS battens,  spectra leech and foot lines, 

draft stripes, tell tales and a tube sail bag.

AP Class Spinnaker      700 AIRX           89 sq.m.             $  3,690.00

This sail is all-purpose design optimized for W/L courses and tight one design 

sailing.  It has proven extremely fast allowing to sail deep angles without loss 

of speed. The trimmers prize the design for forgiveness and easiness of trimming. 

For windy areas we use similar design, but with added reinforcement to increase the strength and  durability of the sail.

Spinnaker Includes: racing numbers, leech, luff and foot lines and valise sail bag.


155% All-Purpose #1 Genoa Membrane Technora         $ 4,860.00

155% All-Purpose #1 Genoa Tri-Radial Carbon         $ 4,860.00

We include this option for PHRF racing.  In light to medium air the boat is 

faster and performs better with a full size Genoa.

Genoas include: spectra leech and foot lines, racing numbers, draft stripes, 

spreader patch, tell tails and a sausage bag.         

Class Royalty $ 50 per sail, shipping and taxes are not included in the above prices.  

For more information or to order J/24 sails please contact:

- or call Z Sails at 1-800-221-1884 (toll free), 1-203-353-8818 (local)

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