Z Hall of Fame:

2003 to Present

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For the past six years, Bob and Kathy Monro have completely dominated the J/120 class on Long Island Sound. With a few exceptions they have stoop atop the podium in every J/120 class regatta. There were very few cases where they didn't make the top three. Their consistancy, talent, teamwork, support for the class they sail in, and sportsmanship are exemplary. Well done! The team here at Z Sails are very pleased that you have chosen our sails to make Bye Bye Blues do her thing.


AYC Spring Series: Z Sails power three division winners

Bye Bye Blues romps to FIFTH consecutive J/120 class Spring Series win Greenwich Cup: Z Sails again power three division winners

Consider this: In both regattas, Z Sails powered about 5% of the total entry yet they won 25% of the first place trophies. If we only count the divisions where we were present, this becomes 75% !!!


Next Boat does it again!!

Mark Ellman knocked himself out and sailed his beautiful Morris 36 to win the Phil Weld Trophy, 1st, Doublehanded, Newport to Bermuda for the second time!!!

This was a very different race from the 96 race — a pure drag race. This time Mark’s able crew was demon driver Willy Donelan. their secret weapon was a new Vectan High Clew Reacher (also known as a Jib Top’). This sail is phenominal at wind angles when there is too much pressure up to carry a spinnaker — even a Code Z kite. With a cloth weight of 1.7 oz, it has enough strength to lay Next Boat flat on the water. The best testament to how light the sail is that when we first handed Mark the sailbag, he took it from us and asked, “OK, where’s the sail?â€

In the 2000 race, shortly after leaving Newport, Next Boat put up her Jib Top’ and flew down the course, only switching to a #1 Genoa for the final beat to the Onion Patch.


January ‘99
Key West Race Week
WOW! a masthead J/29 powered by Z Sails and crewed by Team Z, wins BIG

1st - J/29 One Design class (12 Boats) and Key West Trophy – PHRF Boat of the Week!

Once again, as in ‘88, the only boat at the event with Z Power.

This was a big deal and the first time Waldek and Chris raced a J/29. The owner of Hustler, a very sucessfull J/29 snorted that, “They have a lot to learn.†After the thrid day of racing with WOWI showing solid boatspeed and smart, conservative fleet tactics, one of WOW!’s crew put lettering on the boom: “Still Learning!â€

America Yacht Club Spring Series
Z Sails powers Bye Bye Blues to win:

1st – J/120 One Design class (11 boats) and

Best One Design Trophy for the Series.

Then, Bob and Kathy Monro won the J/120 LIS Championship for the third straight year!



Mark Ellman’s custom Morris 36 Next Boat, wins the Phil Weld Trophy : 1st Double handed. This was breezy race and Mark and his intrepid shipmate John Corea had theri hands full. At one point, crossing the Steam, they were jibing the ‘chute in the middle of the night when the autopilot got it all wrong on a big wave and Next Boat dipped her spreaders in the drink.

Now normaly this sort of event would wash some of the starch out a crew. But Mark and John got things their boat back on course, sorted out their gear, got the kite drawing agian and flew on their way. This time, steering by hand.


Z Sails swept the red hot J/35 One Design Class. Bob and Kathy Monro’s Blew By You had their best season ever winning every regatta they entered save one.

1st American Spring Series
1st Greenwich Cup
1st Long Island Sound Championship
2nd Northeast Championship
1st Larchmont Race Week
1st Manhasset Fall Series

YRA of LIS Gitanna Trophy — Best PHRF boat rating 90 or under

Well, about that second in the Northeast Championship, somebody goofed and they showed up late for one of the starts.

That same year in PHRF

Z Sails powered class winners in three of six PHRF classes at Larchmont Race Week


1st Overall at Block Island Race week

Hans Oen’s, Ocean Commotion, a Norlin 34 rating 111 PHRF took it all. Sailing in a big division that included eight Frers 33’s makeing a one design class within a class, Hans sailed a smart clean series and took the biggest prize of the week.

Ocean Commotion was the only boat in the reggata with Z Sails!