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  Z Sails make a strong showing in 2019 Block Island Race
Posted: Wednesday, May 29th, 2019   11:10 am   

Congrats to all of the boats powered entirely or principally by Z Sails. Notable "Z" finishes include:

XYZ                      Justin Bonar           Jeanneau 53                     Third in PHRF 5

Charlotte              Richard West          Beneteau First 36.7           Third in PHRF 6

Chicken Wing        Mike Chapell           Ranger 33                        Third in PHRF Plum Island Course   

Well done all hands!

  2019 EDLU Race
Posted: Sunday, May 12th, 2019   3:40 pm   

Congratulations to all boats powered by Z Sails with a podium finish. 

Mike Chapell        Chicken Wing       Ranger 33            First in PHRF 3

Abhijeet Lele        Varuna                J/111                   First in PHRF Doublehanded 

Well done all hands!

  J/109 Class Sails developement
Posted: Saturday, March 23rd, 2019   11:20 am   

Over the past few years we have invested significant time and effort in the fine tuning of sail designs for J/109. The result - New, Fast and Easy to Trim Sails!
In fact, we just delivered a membrane carbon light skin black one design jib and we currently have a membrane carbon main in progress on the floor. Over the fall and spring we tested several different spinnaker designs and the result is forgiving sail shape for 108 sq. m. class spinnaker that is easy to drive .  Attached are some photos of these recent developments.

  Cheers to 2019!
Posted: Tuesday, January 1st, 2019   1:01 pm   

Looking forward to another great season of adventure on the water wherever your travels may take you,

from Chris, Waldek and the entire Z Sails family!

  Winter Sail Service
Posted: Monday, October 22nd, 2018   1:31 pm   

Z Sails offers Winter Sail Service consisting of:

  • Removing sails from rig/boat
  • Free pick-up of bagged sails
  • Sail Washing/Cleaning
  • Repairs
  • Furling conversions
  • Shape analysis, alterations & recuts
  • Free storage 

Terrific off season prices on new sails!

Call us! Chris Zaleski or Waldek Zaleski

Conveniently located next to I-95 in Stamford at


 655 Atlantic Street

 Stamford, Ct 06902

  2018 Valeur-Jensen Stamford Denmark Race
Posted: Monday, September 10th, 2018   7:43 am   

  Z Sails made another strong showing in the 2018 eddition of the Stamford Yacht Club Valeur-Jensen Stamford Denmark Race winning 4 out of 10 classes.

Congratulations to all the boats powered entirely or in part by Z Sails.

Notable "Z" finishes include:

Pauls Hardware Paul Adelberg                       Beneteau Oceanis 40  First Class 2-NS

Belles Filles      Joseph Healey                       Beneteau First 375     First Class 4

Xanadu            Charles and Elaine Goodrich X Yacht                     First Class 5-NS

Charlotte         Richard West                         Beneteau First 36.7    First Class 7

Joysea            William Heller                        J105                         Second Class 5-NS

Tenacity          Sam Fuller                             Beneteau First 44.7   Second Class 9

Veronica          Ed Tella                                 Islander Bahama 30   Third Class 1-NS

Bouree            Doug Able                             J30                           Third Class 4

Well done all hands - "Z" way to win!

  2018 Vineyard Race
Posted: Wednesday, September 5th, 2018   1:53 pm   

Congrats to all of the boats powered entirely or principally by Z Sails. Notable "Z" finishes include: 

Pegasus      Austin Royle           Tartan 41            First in PHRF Class 3

Gadzooks    Geoffrey Beringer  C&C 38               Second in PHRF - DH

Varuna        Abhijeet Lele         J 111                  Second in PHRF Class 11

Next Boat     Mark Ellman           Morris 45            Third in IRC - DH

Glim           William Klein          C&C 40              Third in PHRF Class 8 

Well done all hands!