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  Fresh Sails for Stamford Schools Varsity Team!
Posted: Friday, April 27th, 2018   3:34 pm   

Fresh Sails for Stamford Schools Varsity Team!

The Stamford Schools Sailing Team took delivery of six new sets of sails earlier this week. Being completely identical in all regards, these sails will allow the local high school team to practice and host events in a competitive and fun environment. A few small tweaks were made to the overall shape of the sails to make them faster and more efficient. The result is an improvement in boat speed and ease of use. With a slightly heavier cut of cloth being used, these sails are built to stand the test of time and put up with the rigor of high school and junior sailing programs.
Sail fast SSST!

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  Eight Bells
Posted: Wednesday, December 6th, 2017   1:18 pm   

Chris Wentz passed away December 6, 2017 shortly before sunrise after a brief battle with cancer. He was 65 years of age.

Chris grew up in a boating family that spent summers at the Jersey shore. He helped his father build two boats by the time he was ten. His racing career started in Lasers and E Scows on Barnegat Bay. In 1975 he graduated from Pratt Institute (Brooklyn, NY) and went to work in a sail loft on City Island, NY.
After seven years on “The Island” he worked for two years at the yacht design firm MacLear and Harris opposite the New York Yacht Club in Manhattan. M and H specialized in designing large and very unique yachts for power and sail. While there he worked on groundbreaking projects including a high performance canting keel, wood composite cruising yacht and what was at that time the largest aluminum sailing vessel ever classified by Lloyds, a 98′ brigantine sailing auxiliary
While at M and H, Wentz observed how important the forethought of the design process is when combining the various disciplines employed in creating an outstanding yacht. After the exposure to the uncoordinated process he’d seen elsewhere in the marine sphere, it was a revelation.
So, in 1984, when Wentz opened Sailspar Design, Inc. with the idea that the design process is the essential foundation of a good product. Given the great revolution in sailmaking materials that was getting underway, this design experience turned out to be invaluable.

In 1991, Chris was a founding partner at Z Sails in Stamford, Connecticut and will be terribly missed. His kind and quiet demeanor, wit and sailing skills touched everyone lucky enough to have met him. 
Here at Z Sails, we have lost a great friend and partner. Yet Chris’ legacy and spirit continues to live on. Z Sails is thriving today -still centered around our core values of providing the highest quality designs, craftsmanship, sails, and service to our fellow sailors.

  Another winning weekend
Posted: Tuesday, September 12th, 2017   1:42 pm   

This past weekend gave Z Sails another first in fleet finish. Joe Healy Sr. drove the family Beneteau 375 Belle Filles to clean up Course One in perfect conditions in the Stamford Denmark Friendship Race. In addition, Don Rotzein's C & C 36 Tecumseh showed a clean pair of heels to Class 5 - non spinnaker.

Photoboat has an excellent record of Belle Filles' winning form:

Elsewhere on Long Island Sound Wim Jessup's C & C 99 Sans Souci sailed in the Pequot YC Faulkner Island Race taking 1st in Div. II and 2nd in fleet. 

Well done all hands!

  Monster! Gemini 1st In Fleet In Vineyard Race - Second Year In A Row!!!
Posted: Sunday, September 3rd, 2017   1:50 pm   

James Cofman and crew and their Hanse 375 Gemini did it again! Last night they brought her home from the Vineyard first in a fleet of 41 boats. This follows on last years Vineyard Race result when they were 1st in another fleet of 41 boats

This team has created a Z Sails driven monster. Gemini's last outing was the Around Long Island Regatta in which they were first is fleet (43 boats). Before that they won their division in the Block Island (8 boats) and were 2nd in fleet (34 boats).

In the 2016 in addition to sweeping the Vineyard Race they also won thier division in the Block Island Race. Going back to 2015 they finished up that season by being first in fleet in the Gearbuster.

Alltogether, an amazing string of performances. Well done Gemini!

  Gemini First In Fleet In The ALIR!
Posted: Saturday, July 29th, 2017   10:42 am   

James Coffman and crew took their Hanse 375 Gemini to first in fleet in the Around Long Island Regatta.

In a brilliant move to make the start visible to more spectators, the Sea Cliff Yacht Club has for the first time in the 41 year history of this celebrated race moved to New York Harbor. After a hectic beat dodging harbor traffic in a brisk breeze the racers were faced with a slow slog to Montauk and then a fast reach home under threat of an nor'easterly gale that didn't quite materialize but did give the Geminis a healty push along their way.

Needless to say, Gemini has an all Z inventory. Well done Gemini!!

  Zach Lee and Yankee Girl take the Bermuda One-Two and Three Too!
Posted: Wednesday, June 7th, 2017   7:51 am   

One year after winning the DoubleHanded division in the Newport/Bermuda race Zach Lee and Yankee Girl entered the Bermuda One-Two. Single handed from Newport to Bermuda this race was a seriously heavy grind, much of it upwind. Zach said he saw the biggest seas he ever sailed into. But he came in first, decisively, hours ahead of his Div. 4 rivals. Yankee Girl was fast. So fast they were first in fleet, on the One leg, a 23 boat fleet that included a number of state of the art short handed racing machines.

Leg Two is doublehanded. This started in light airs and ended with some heavy running which suited the flyweights very well. They planed off into the distance leaving the all-rounders to duke it out in their wake. Zach and DH partner Lief Counter had a great battle with another Justine 36, Bluebird. Yankee Girl crossed first but Bluebird nipped them on corrected time. But...

The third component of the One-Two is the combined score. Yankee Girl was the clear winner in Division 4. A nice bonus was being second in fleet, combined. Well done Zach, Leif, and Yankee Girl!

This is the fifth Bermuda Race win for this particular Morris Justine. She was built in 1991 and every sail the boat ever flew was made by Z Sails. She's a great design. Intellgently upgraded over the years, she a terrific all-rounder that takes care of her crew offshore. She's in the game in most conditions. Only trick she doesn't posess is flying off the wind in the breeze that will make the featherweights fly. Well, they get their day too! So, over a 20 year span:

1st     1997   Marion/Bermuda    4 Handed Division

1st     1998   Newport/Bermuda  Double Handed

1st     2000   Newport/Bermuda  Double Handed

1st     2016   Newport/Bermuda  Double Handed

1st     2017   Bermuda One-Two  Singlehanded and One-Two Combined (Div. 4)

Now THAT is a racing record!

  Wampum Plenty Good In Figawi
Posted: Tuesday, June 6th, 2017   4:54 pm   

Tom Lanagan's Nelson/ Marek 30 Wampum won Divison S2 in a tricky light air Figawi. Wampum is a Mark Linsey built MORC Maxi buit in 1989 and updated continuosly since. A very kool boat. Tom saved us a lot of effort by publishing an excellent blog detailing their win. Good times!

  Splendid Wins Around Block Island
Posted: Tuesday, June 6th, 2017   4:24 pm   

Justin Bonar and his loyal crew aboard the Jeanneau 53 YYZ earned a splendid win in PHRF Div. 4 in this year's Around Block Island classic. In fact they finished more than 7 hours ahead of the second boat on corrected time! YYZ is outfitteded with a simple but effective inventory of Z Sails, all but the OEM Mainsail. Rather than go further describing events, we direct your attention to a very well produced video shot during the race:

While YYZ had a comfortable win, James Coffman and crew had a nailbiter aboard thier Hanse 375 Gemini, crossing the line just 8 seconds before the next finisher. Fortunately for them that boat gave them time so the margin on corrected time was on the order of 26 minutes. So pretty comfortable after all! That said, the Gemini team worked thier butts off the the win frequently changeing between the A-2, A-3 and Code Zero as the conditions varied.

It's important to say that is was Gemini's second consequtive win in the Block race. Well Done!!!