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  Winter Sail Service
Posted: Monday, October 22nd, 2018   1:31 pm   

Z Sails offers Winter Sail Service consisting of:

  • Removing sails from rig/boat
  • Free pick-up of bagged sails
  • Sail Washing/Cleaning
  • Repairs
  • Furling conversions
  • Shape analysis, alterations & recuts
  • Free storage 

Terrific off season prices on new sails!

Call us! Chris Zaleski or Waldek Zaleski

Conveniently located next to I-95 in Stamford at


 655 Atlantic Street

 Stamford, Ct 06902

  2018 Valeur-Jensen Stamford Denmark Race
Posted: Monday, September 10th, 2018   7:43 am   

  Z Sails made another strong showing in the 2018 eddition of the Stamford Yacht Club Valeur-Jensen Stamford Denmark Race winning 4 out of 10 classes.

Congratulations to all the boats powered entirely or in part by Z Sails.

Notable "Z" finishes include:

Pauls Hardware Paul Adelberg                       Beneteau Oceanis 40  First Class 2-NS

Belles Filles      Joseph Healey                       Beneteau First 375     First Class 4

Xanadu            Charles and Elaine Goodrich X Yacht                     First Class 5-NS

Charlotte         Richard West                         Beneteau First 36.7    First Class 7

Joysea            William Heller                        J105                         Second Class 5-NS

Tenacity          Sam Fuller                             Beneteau First 44.7   Second Class 9

Veronica          Ed Tella                                 Islander Bahama 30   Third Class 1-NS

Bouree            Doug Able                             J30                           Third Class 4

Well done all hands - "Z" way to win!

  2018 Vineyard Race
Posted: Wednesday, September 5th, 2018   1:53 pm   

Congrats to all of the boats powered entirely or principally by Z Sails. Notable "Z" finishes include: 

Pegasus      Austin Royle           Tartan 41            First in PHRF Class 3

Gadzooks    Geoffrey Beringer  C&C 38               Second in PHRF - DH

Varuna        Abhijeet Lele         J 111                  Second in PHRF Class 11

Next Boat     Mark Ellman           Morris 45            Third in IRC - DH

Glim           William Klein          C&C 40              Third in PHRF Class 8 

Well done all hands!

  Z Sails Make a Strong Showing In 2018 Newport Bermuda Race
Posted: Thursday, June 21st, 2018   1:02 pm   

Congratulations to 

Zach Lee and his co-skipper Leif Counter who won Double-Handed Division on Morris Justine 36 Yankee Girl


Justin Bonar and his Crew who won St. David's Lighthouse Division Class 8 on Jeanneau 53 YYZ

These 2 boats were entirely powered by Z Sails.

Well done!

  73rd Storm Trysail Club Block Island Race
Posted: Friday, May 25th, 2018   1:13 pm   

80 boats were at the starting line in moderate breeze to begin the 73rd edition of the 186 NM Storm Trysail Club Block Island Race. With wind conditions ranging from 0-25+, it was a race to test skills and patience.

Congrats to all of the boats powered entirely or principally by Z Sails. Notable "Z" finishes include: 

Next Boat     Mark Ellman         Morris 45            First in IRC - DH

Charlotte    Richard West        Beneteau 36.7     Second in PHRF Div. 3 

Gringo        Michael McGuire   Pearson 37           Third in PHRF - DH

Well done all hands!

  2018 Edlu Race Results
Posted: Saturday, May 12th, 2018   12:42 pm   

This year's Edlu Race classic had an entry of 66 boats. Of these 66, 7 were powered entirely or principally by Z Sails. Of these 7 boats, there were 3 boats powered by Z Sails with a podium finish. 

Congratulations to:

Next Boat       Morris 45            Third in PHRF DH

Charlotte        Beneteau 36.7     Second in PHRF Div. 2 

Winsome        C&C 34 +            Second in PHRF Div NS

Well done all hands!

  Fresh Sails for Stamford Schools Varsity Team!
Posted: Friday, April 27th, 2018   3:34 pm   

Fresh Sails for Stamford Schools Varsity Team!

The Stamford Schools Sailing Team took delivery of six new sets of sails earlier this week. Being completely identical in all regards, these sails will allow the local high school team to practice and host events in a competitive and fun environment. A few small tweaks were made to the overall shape of the sails to make them faster and more efficient. The result is an improvement in boat speed and ease of use. With a slightly heavier cut of cloth being used, these sails are built to stand the test of time and put up with the rigor of high school and junior sailing programs.
Sail fast SSST!

More Info...

  Eight Bells
Posted: Wednesday, December 6th, 2017   1:18 pm   

Chris Wentz passed away December 6, 2017 shortly before sunrise after a brief battle with cancer. He was 65 years of age.

Chris grew up in a boating family that spent summers at the Jersey shore. He helped his father build two boats by the time he was ten. His racing career started in Lasers and E Scows on Barnegat Bay. In 1975 he graduated from Pratt Institute (Brooklyn, NY) and went to work in a sail loft on City Island, NY.
After seven years on “The Island” he worked for two years at the yacht design firm MacLear and Harris opposite the New York Yacht Club in Manhattan. M and H specialized in designing large and very unique yachts for power and sail. While there he worked on groundbreaking projects including a high performance canting keel, wood composite cruising yacht and what was at that time the largest aluminum sailing vessel ever classified by Lloyds, a 98′ brigantine sailing auxiliary
While at M and H, Wentz observed how important the forethought of the design process is when combining the various disciplines employed in creating an outstanding yacht. After the exposure to the uncoordinated process he’d seen elsewhere in the marine sphere, it was a revelation.
So, in 1984, when Wentz opened Sailspar Design, Inc. with the idea that the design process is the essential foundation of a good product. Given the great revolution in sailmaking materials that was getting underway, this design experience turned out to be invaluable.

In 1991, Chris was a founding partner at Z Sails in Stamford, Connecticut and will be terribly missed. His kind and quiet demeanor, wit and sailing skills touched everyone lucky enough to have met him. 
Here at Z Sails, we have lost a great friend and partner. Yet Chris’ legacy and spirit continues to live on. Z Sails is thriving today -still centered around our core values of providing the highest quality designs, craftsmanship, sails, and service to our fellow sailors.