Cruising Performance:

To some, cruising is the preserve of sailors who never lift their chins enough to look at their sails. Not to us. Our philopsophy is very simple: the greatest difference between a racing sail and a cruising sail is how long it's required to last.

Take this quiz:

Would you prefer that your boat sail fast or slow?

Do you care more about how much your sail costs to buy or about how many years it gives superior service?

Which matters more: how well you boat looks and behaves or how little it costs to operate?

Look, we understand perfectly what cruisers want and need: durable sails that are easy to use, perform well, and last longer than you ever expected. Of course that's what you want.

Our special ability is put you on the best path to this end. What we suggest may not be what you expected. It'll probably not be as cheap as some "cruising sails" But our cruising sails will be cheaper in the long run. And this is the kicker: every time you go sailing, your boat will surprise you, you'll have a better experience, in short, you'll be reminded of why you fell in love with sailing in the first place.

But you have to call us. This magic does not happen online.