Buying A Sail:

To our way of thinking, buying a sail is not a small deal. You invest a lot of time and money in your sailing. To get a good return on your effort your boat needs to do what you want it to do (and here we make no distinction between racing and cruising). So the sails have to be right. They really are the most significant part of the entire equation. Consider: the sails are ONLY thing that makes your boat sail. Everything else is parasitic.

A lot is riding on your choice and so you care. So do we.

Sure, you can by a sail online. It'll be cheaper. But you will only have a broad idea of what you're getting. You won't know where it came from. You will know that it was made in a factory by workers who have absolutely no idea what the sail is about. So log off and call us up. Dial 800-221-1884. Talk to a human being. Find out what the possibilities really are. Call us.